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The easiest way to make your employees instantly more efficient

May 2nd, 2017

If your workplace is unorganised and unclean, there’s a negative effect on how your employees are able to use their time. We can help you fix that.

One of the most common questions in modern business is “how can we make our employees more efficient?” If you can answer this question well, you have the potential to make your business more profitable, more effective and more successful.

Now as with everything in business, efficiency is a complex issue and there are no ‘silver bullets’ which will take you to 100 per cent efficiency right away. That being said, making the work environment as clean, tidy, and organised as possible is an easy step to increasing productivity in multiple areas.

Organisation saves time and time is money

The old adage “time is money” is usually at the forefront of our minds when talking about efficiency and productivity. An organised workplace encourages employees to be more productive, reduces work-related stress, and saves time – most notably because workers will spend less time looking for things. Did you know, the average office employed spends 1.8 hours per day (over 6 weeks per year!) searching for things. [source: cottrillresearch] That’s a lot of potential profit flying out the window for the sake of being organised.

When you establish an organised workplace, you create structure, and efficiency. As a result, employees can accomplish their goals and increase their overall productivity for your business.

Attendance is vital to productivity

It’s hard for staff to be productive if they are off work with sickness. With the average worker in the UK losing 4.3 days a year at work due to sickness, it’s a good area to target. An employee’s computer keyboard and mouse, telephone handset, and their desk itself can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. New research has found that your computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Yuk!

source: cbtnuggets.com

This can aid the spread of germs and illnesses around the workplace. Viruses such as the flu can survive on hard surfaces such as desks for 24 hours. By regularly cleaning and tidying the office environment, you can eliminate these hazards, in turn reducing the amount of illness being spread around the workplace. Less illness means less staff off sick which means higher productivity!

Tidy workplace, tidy mind.

From Monday to Friday, adults spend more time awake at work than they do in their own homes. The presentation of that environment has a massive effect on stress, staff morale, and productivity. No one wants to work in a dirty or cluttered space. By keeping the workplace clean and tidy, you can keep your employees motivated, focussed and productive.

Keep your employees focussed on the task at hand.

There’s a temptation when building a plan to increase efficiency and productivity to immediately ‘spend’ the time you’ve just found on keeping those issues at bay. That’s a mistake. If you’ve got great employees whose time you value enough that you’re trying to maximise their efficiency, that last thing you want to do is distract them with non-core tasks. In simple terms, there’s no point saving hours of lost productivity each week just to replace it with cleaning and tidying. That’s not what you’ve hired your employees to do. By hiring a specialist company to come in and do the job for you, you can maximise the productivity of your employees and reap all the benefits previously mentioned.